Prepare your business - ETS & Decarbonised Products - DFDS

October 02, 2023

Prepare your business for a sustainable future! Join our upcoming webinar on ETS & Decarbonised Products by DFDS. 🌱 

Stay ahead in environmental regulations and join our upcoming webinar where we have brought in our experts to dive deeply into both topics. 


1. EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)

We will present the estimated financial impact when ETS is introduced and describe how the 

charging model to the market will be built up and an estimation of the impact on the 

individual routes. 

Speaker: Hans-Henrik Pedersen, Vice President & CFO of DFDS Ferry


2. We are on our way - one step at a time

Our business has a substantial environmental footprint. We want that to change. We are working 

to reduce it through incremental changes to daily operations as well as longer-term initiatives 

that reduce emissions, through local projects and group-wide action. 

Speaker: Jesper Aagesen, Head of Sustainable Fleet Projects, DFDS


3. The road to climate-neutral heavy-duty road transport

Fossil-free transportation, product development, and strategic partnerships in securing

power infrastructure. 

Speaker: Pontus Enhager, Electromobility product & intro Manager, Volvo Trucks


4. Q & A session (online via chat function)